Know Your Stones

For centuries, crystals and gemstones have been believed to possess special healing properties. They can be worn as adornments and may empower you to be more intentional.  We encourage you to do your research and get to know your stones.  Check out this list of stones and some of their properties.  Which stones are you drawn to?

Calming, grounding stone
Balances your yin and yang energies

Relieves stress and promotes relaxation
Soothing stone
Enhances motivation

Aventurine- Green
Transmutes negative energy into positive energy
Balances mind, body and spirit
Stimulates will power
Promotes love

Aventurine- Yellow
Assists in inner harmony
Balances energies

Black Labradorite
Aids in cleaning your aura
Eases anxiety
Raises consciousness
Grounding stone

Brings good luck
Boosts your spirit

Blue Tiger's Eye
Reduces stress
Ease anxiety
Calming, grounding stone

Grounding and protective stone
Increases motivation
Enhances creativity
Attracts prosperity
Assists with concentration
Promotes taking action
Encourages activity
Energizing stone

Manifestation stone
Assists in manifesting prosperity
Relieves fear and anxiety

Assists in deterring negative thoughts
Protection stone
Eases fear

Clear Quartz
Gain Clarity
Improves focus
Reduces stress

Crazy Lace Agate
Stone of encouragement
Absorbs emotional pain

Cubic Zirconia
Balances all chakras
Improves focus
Attracts prosperity
Energizing stone
Assists with boosting your creativity
Balances energy
Cleanses all of the Chakras
Very strong grounding energy
Helps you to focus
Activates and clears the root chakra

Releases tension
You can use it as a sleep aid
Soothing energy
Promotes happiness and harmony
Recharges your energy
Helps connect to our intuitive abilities
Assists in balancing emotions
Encourages self expression
Calming energy

Lapis Lazuli
Aids in healing and self-discovery
Protection stone
Balances energy within the body
Stabilizes the Root Chakra
Enhances creativity
Calming stone
Porous and you can add essential oils to them

Mother of Pearl
Calming stone
Relieves stress
Stimulates imagination
Helps release emotional blockages
Enhances your self control
Aids in focusing your energy

Red Tiger's Eye
Promotes healing and well being
Improves spiritual clarity
Can amplify other stones
Reduces irritability
Activates Heart Chakra

Calms the mind
Boosts intuition
Strengthens self-esteem
Enhances creativity and mindfulness

Aids in emotional healing
Promotes mental stability
Amplifies intuition
Assists in self confidence
Reduces scattered energy or thinking

Calming stone
Aids in removing negativity
Balances all chakras
A symbol of friendship