Recommended Bracelet Sizing Chart

4 inches
 3-6 Months
4.5 inches
6-12 months
4.75 inches
18-24 months
5 inches
2 years old
5.5 inches
3 years old
5.75 inches
4-5 years old
6 inches
6-7 years old
6.5 inches
8-12 years old
6.75 inches
Ladies Small
7 inches
Ladies Medium
7.5 inches
Ladies Large
8 inches
Ladies X-Large 8.5 inches
Men's Small 
7.5 inches 
Men’s Medium  8 inches
Men’s Large 8.5 inches
Men’s X-Large 9.0 inches 


How To Measure Your Wrist:

  • With your palm facing up. decide where you would like for your bracelet to sit.
  • Measure your wrist with a flexible tape measurer, string or a strip of paper.
  • Place the end of the material you are using to measure with at the center of your wrist.
  • Wrap it firmly against your wrist, but not too tight.
  •  If you are using a string or strip of paper, mark your size with a pencil or pen where the material meets.
  • Use a ruler to measure the length.
  • The number you come up with will be your wrist size.
  • Add 1/4" to this size for a snug fit.
  • Add 1/2" to this size for a more loose fit.